Deals and Cases

    Python Advises the City of Sierre, the District Association of Sierre and TechnoArk SA in the Acquisition of the Techno-Pôle of Sierre

    In the second quarter of 2021, the city of Sierre, the association of the municipalities of the District of Sierre and TechnoArk SA acquired a majority stake in the Techno-Pôle of Sierre. The Techno-pôle of Sierre owns and manages a scientific and technology site in the area of Sierre. Over an area of 20’000 square meters, it hosts more than 60 companies and start-ups in the field of new technologies, in particular active in the digital economy. Christophe de Kalbermatten (partner), Frédéric Paul-Reynaud (associate) and Sylvain Jordan (associate) were the counsels to the buyers.