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Please read all the legal notices below (“Legal Notices”) carefully. They explain the basis on which you may use the PYTHON website. PYTHON may amend them from time to time. By using this website, you confirm that you have fully read and accepted these Legal Notices and agree to be bound by them. Nothing in these Legal Notices results in any partnership or agency arising between PYTHON and you.

  • Website Ownership

    This website (“Website”) is owned and operated by the law firm of PYTHON, with its main registered address at Rue Charles-Bonnet 2, 1206, Geneva, Switzerland. Phone: +41 22 702 15 15, Fax: +41 22 702 15 45, Email:

  • No Client Attorney Relationship Through Use of this Website

    This Website contains general information about PYTHON. It is not legal advice, nor is it an offer to represent you. No client-attorney relationship is created at any time through your use of the Website or any of its content.

    For the avoidance of doubt, a client-attorney relationship is confirmed only upon both parties signing a PYTHON engagement letter or by you receiving written confirmation from one of the PYTHON partners.

  • Intellectual Property

    The copyright, code, design and database rights of this Website and its contents are owned by PYTHON except for any content owned by third parties. (c) PYTHON 2017. All rights reserved.

    You may not use, copy, publish, distribute etc any part of this Website or its contents without the express written permission of PYTHON. You may not use, copy, publish, distribute etc any content owned by third parties without obtaining express written permission from the relevant owner(s).

    You are responsible for compliance with any applicable laws in any jurisdiction for any of the intellectual property rights in this Website.

    PYTHON is a registered Swiss trademark.

  • Linking Policy

    This Website may contain links to other websites for your convenience. PYTHON does not endorse or confirm as accurate, relevant or complete, any of the information found by following the links. PYTHON does not assume any responsibility for any of the external internet sites or the content linked to.

    You may not link to or frame any pages or content of this Website without the express written permission of PYTHON. Whether such written permission is granted or not, PYTHON reserves all rights to request that you immediately remove any links and/or frames at any time.

  • Spontaneous Contact

    You agree not to make spontaneous contact for advertising, marketing, illegal or immoral purposes via any Website contact forms or any of the emails. Spontaneous contact by persons who are not PYTHON clients will not create a client attorney relationship, may not be treated as confidential and may be disclosed to other persons and entities.

  • Email Spam Screening

    Incoming emails to PYTHON are automatically screened for spam which may mean they do not always reach the intended person(s). To ensure they do, we invite you to please contact the person(s) to whom you are sending them by phone or fax. Alternatively, if you do not have a specific name you may phone the appropriate office switchboard.

  • Website, News, Newsletters and Publications

    This Website, blog, newsletters and publications contain the personal views of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of PYTHON. The information is for general information purposes only.

    Website Feedback

    We welcome your comments on this Website. Please send them to

  • Governing Law and Jurisdiction

    Any dispute or claim that may arise between PYTHON and you regarding this Website, Legal Notices or its content (but excluding Third Party Content) will be subject to and governed by the laws of Switzerland and the exclusive jurisdiction of the competent courts in Geneva.

  • Invalid Legal Notices

    If one or several of the Legal Notices should become illegal, invalid or unenforceable, this will not affect the legality, validity or enforceability of all the other Legal Notices.

  • Rights

    Any delay or failure by PYTHON to enforce any rights arising from the Legal Notices does not waive or prevent PYTHON from enforcing these rights later on. The Legal Notice rights do not exclude any rights or remedies available to PYTHON under Swiss law. PYTHON may only waive its rights from the Legal Notices in writing.

  • Liability for the Website

    Whilst we try to ensure that it is accurate, PYTHON provides no warranties as regards the correctness, completeness, suitability or otherwise of the information on the Website, blog, newsletters or publications. PYTHON is not liable or otherwise responsible for any errors or omissions, nor for the results obtained from the use of the information on the Website, blog, newsletters or publications. PYTHON is not liable for any loss or damage that may arise through use of this Website, blog, newsletters or publication that may be caused to any equipment or software because of viruses, malfunctions, defects or other issues.

  • Third Party Content

    Certain entities and persons (including PYTHON attorneys) in Switzerland and abroad may have provided content, software and tools for this Website (“Third Party Content”). No mutual partnership or binding agency is created at any time through PYTHON’s use of Third Party Content. PYTHON provides no warranties as regards the correctness, completeness, suitability or otherwise of Third Party Content. PYTHON is not liable or otherwise responsible for any errors or omissions, nor for the results obtained from the use of the Third Party Content. PYTHON is not liable for any loss or damage that may arise through use of the Third Party Content that may be caused to any equipment or software because of viruses, bugs, malfunctions, defects or other issues.

  • Fake Scam Communications

    PYTHON uses leading industry standards to protect our communications, IT system, emails, Website and network and these have not been compromised in any way. However, criminals use sophisticated and dangerous scams, especially online, designed to trick people into giving away personal data and/or money. Criminals have even faked the names and details of law firms and attorneys as an attempt to make a scam seem genuine in the form of unsolicited emails, text messages, telephone calls or direct mail. Please immediately contact us if you wish to confirm whether any communication you receive referring to our firm or our attorneys is real or if you wish to report a scam involving use of our name, attorneys or employees: phone: +41 22 702 15 15, email: Neither PYTHON nor any or its attorneys or employees will be liable or otherwise responsible for any results or losses caused by any scams and/or fake scam communications.

  • Cookie Policy

    The Website may place certain cookies on your device in order to improve your experience.

    By consenting to the cookies, the Website will function at its best, fully and as intended.

    By refusing your consent to the cookies, the Website may not be fully functional.

    You can choose to disable cookies in your internet browser at any time. Internet browsers normally accept cookies automatically but you may change this by referring to the help menu in your browser.

    PYTHON uses the following cookies:

    perms-rgpd – which permits the storage of the choice of visitors’ privacy settings on the Website
    _icl_current_language – which permits the recovery of the language configured in the page navigator so the relevant language is proposed
    Google Analytics – which permits the optimization of our Website page ranking (please access the policy and terms here)

  • Privacy Policy

    This privacy policy applies to our use of any and all Website data collected by PYTHON or provided by you through use of the Website.

    1. Principle of protection of your Personal Data
    PYTHON takes the necessary measures to protect your Personal Data, whether when you visit our website or when you are in communication and/or relationship with us.
    In case of any disagreement with our policy for the protection of your Personal Data, it is your responsibility to inform us and to no longer use our site. In such a case, we will also no longer be able to contact you to provide you with our services.

    2. Nature of Personal Data
    “Personal Data” refers to the names and contact details of our customers and contacts, including bank details, general information that may be collected as part of the customer acceptance process, as well as any other information of a personal nature provided by or on behalf of customers, or generated in the context of the evolving provision of services to customers.

    3. Purpose of the data processing
    PYTHON processes Personal Data only for the purpose of providing legal advice to its clients (including invoicing and customer relationship management) in the context of defending their interests. No behavioural monitoring, profiling or other marketing research is carried out using the Personal Data provided by customers or contacts on the site.
    Customers’ consent is usually extended for additional purposes such as sending newsletters, updating the legal framework, or even inviting them to events organised by PYTHON (with the option of unsubscribing). This consent may be modified at any time by contacting PYTHON, by email to:

    4. Personal Data Processing Process
    The processing process essentially includes the collection, actual use and storage of your Personal Data.

    Collection of information
    As a rule, PYTHON partners, who practice in their own name, are in possession of Personal Data when a client, or potential client, gives them such data as part of a mandate or advice. Personal Data may also be collected through the website, or even from other service providers or by consulting public access sources. In all these cases, collection is carried out with the consent of the person concerned, which is implicit in almost all contractual relationships.

    Use of the data
    With the exception of contacts involving the sending of a communication via Internet (invitations, address update, etc.), Personal Data are used exclusively for the proper execution of the mandate, i. e. for providing legal services (legal advice, cases before judicial and administrative authorities). To this end, PYTHON takes technical and organizational measures against any unauthorized access, theft, loss or accidental destruction of data. In this context, PYTHON uses service providers (technological, in particular IT) who are subject to the same duty to protect Personal Data as our firm itself. Its security procedures are regularly reviewed.
    In the course of the proper execution of the mandate, PYTHON partners, may transfer Personal Data to other agents or subcontractors, including outside Switzerland. In almost all cases, these transfers are made on instructions or with the consent of the customers and, in general, always in accordance with the applicable rules on the protection of Personal Data.

    Personal Data are kept as long as necessary to achieve the above-mentioned purposes, respectively until such time as consent is withdrawn, provided that legal provisions, in particular those relating to the legal profession, do not allow – or even require – more extensive storage.

    5. Your rights
    Any individual or corporation may access and obtain a copy of his/its Personal Data, as the case may be and request its corrections in the event of inaccuracy or oppose to their transfer or even request their deletion (subject to para. 4 above), and generally request to be informed about the processing of the Personal Data by PYTHON.

    6. Contacts
    For any information or to exercise any of your data protection rights listed above, or to withdraw your consent to the processing of your data, please contact PYTHON, by email to: